Cell Phones for Seniors: A Dependable Gadget

The elderly have a specific set of needs compared to the rest of the population, that’s why various gadgets and services are being customized to suit their wants and needs. Take cellular phones, for example—a widespread technology used by around 91% of the world’s population, according to a 2013 survey by several organizations. These days, it’s no longer unusual for telecommunication companies to have a line of cell phones and cell phone plans for senior citizens. Continue reading


The Benefits of Cell Phones to the Elderly

Cell phones are great technological products that make communicating easy regardless of where one is. In addition to all their popular uses and benefits, cell phones can also help make the lives of senior citizens better. By serving as an aid to keep them connected with family members and caregivers wherever they may be, cell phones provide more opportunities for seniors to continue to live independently.

While retirement age is considered as the golden years of one’s life, those who have attained it, unfortunately, are also likely to have medical conditions that require supervision. However, many seniors feel unhappy about completely losing their independence, which can negatively affect their overall well-being. Cell phones can serve to bridge the need of seniors for independence and their families’ concern about keeping them supervised. Continue reading