Tips in Buying a Cell Phone for Senior Citizens

When finding the best cell phone for senior citizens, it’s important for you to remember that their cell phone habits are likely to be very different from yours. It’s likely, they don’t want to press too many buttons if they want to send a message nor do they want to talk to the phone as often as you do. What you need is a phone that’s designed specifically for them.

Ideally, the phone you’ll be buying should be simple to use: the fewer buttons, the better. In fact, there’s a good chance that a phone with texting capabilities is something that senior citizens don’t want because pressing numerous buttons can be taxing for them. It’s also better if the phone you’ll be buying can accommodate seniors who have eyesight and/or hearing problems. This is done by phones that feature large screens and clear speakers. Obviously, a phone should be hearing-aid compatible if its intended user wears such a device.

Finally, there are some peripherals and features that you might want to have, but are mostly dependent on your circumstances. Car-chargers may be necessary in case of emergencies, especially for seniors who travel a lot. Meanwhile, Internet-functionality may be useful for emergency communication, not just if the intended user browses the Internet a lot.


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