What to Look for When Buying Phones for Seniors

Young people use cell phones to communicate in different ways, whether through calling, text messaging, or social media. However, unlike the younger generation, the elderly need phones for very different reasons reasons: Safety and security (so they notify authorities or relatives immediately in case of an emergency); convenience (so they can stay in touch with family and friends if they have a medical condition and can’t leave the house); prompts and reminders (so they will know when it’s time to take their medication), and; to have peace of mind wherein their loved ones can check on them when necessary.

In order to ensure that the elderly get their basic phone needs, you must take into consideration the features that will help them the most. Some of the basic things you may want to consider are phones with a bright and easy to read screen, a simple design, big buttons, an adjustable font size, and large icons.

For the elderly with hearing challenges, you might like to consider having a phone that offers a designated way to adjust volume. Additionally, you should know that certain phones for the elderly are hearing aid compatible.

Aside from the basic features to look for, you might also want to acquire advanced features and apps like a GPS locator to notify a relative of your location, and vice versa.


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