Features Needed for a Cell Phone for the Elderly

If you’re thinking of giving your grandparents a phone that they can use every day, you might not want to give them a smartphone (unless they already know how to use one), nor should you expect them to accept just about any phone you offer to give them. Efficient cell phones for seniors should have features like:

Large Display and Keypads

The screen display itself should come in a bright and well-lit design that the elderly members of your family can clearly see, even those whose eyesight is already having problems. Don’t think of getting them touch-type models, too, as it will only prove to be more difficult for them to type into it. They need large keypads to accommodate their fingers that are no longer as nimble as they used to be.

Emergency Button

Most cell phones that are made especially for senior citizens come with special buttons that they can press in case of emergency. These buttons are typically monitored 24/7 by a team that will then contact you or inform emergency services about the condition of the phone’s owner. Some models even have a ringtone feature that could alert anyone in the immediate vicinity about the emergency.


Give your elderly loved ones a mobile phone that’s simple enough for them to learn and use, free of the complex features that they probably won’t be using anyway. This will make it easier for them to familiarize themselves with applying that piece of technology in their everyday lives.


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