Is a “Senior” Mobile Plan Really Worth the Deal?

More senior citizens now own mobile phones. According to a research, nearly 7 out of 10 people over the age of 65 now own cell phones, and more are coming in. However, numerous data plans are not really being helpful with the elderly – in fact, seniors may have been paying too much for most data they won’t probably make use of.

Senior citizen plans, like those being offered by mobile giants, usually do not include added data features like web browsing in the monthly scheme. Most seniors are now going web-savvy, but it appears that they’re being made to shell out more cash than necessary, when all that they primarily need is call and text service. For example, a basic 2 GB plan from a mainstream provider requires a minimum of extra $30 for web browsing. For an additional 5 GB, the extra fee costs $50. Misinformed seniors who like to surf the web but wasn’t made aware of the extra charges may soon find their phone bill numbers ballooning without notice.

However, negotiating a way out is possible. Seniors can settle for a temporary increase in minutes or browsing data for a specific month if they need it – via an extra small fee. Most providers acknowledge this deal especially for specialized subscribers. If that’s still too burdensome, then a prepaid option is always available. 


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