Calls Cut by Low Power? There’s a System for That

Imagine you’re in the middle of an important call when your phone suddenly cuts out. After a few failed attempts to reestablish contact, you realize that your phone is dead. That’s right; in the middle of your call, your phone ran out of juice, giving everyone unnecessary inconvenience.

At this point, the receiver will most likely assume that your phone died. However, it’s possible that you moved into a place that blocks all signals. There’s always that room in the house. Ironically enough, for all the powerful technology and features incorporated into today’s mobile phones, manufacturers seem to have forgotten to integrate a warning system for when the battery is about to run out during a call.

Fortunately, phones for seniors, like the Snapfon, had enough foresight to add precisely this feature into their units, effectively notifying the receiver of the caller’s low-battery state moments before the call is cut. This prompts the receiver to say everything he needs to say while the caller’s phone still has power. Caregivers are known to use this system to great effect.

On a related note, phones for seniors can save on battery life by pressing the SOS button at the back of the unit instead of dialing the number. The button will connect the caller to a monitoring service, a family member, or 911 depending on the settings. Pressing the button also triggers a loud siren to alert people nearby of an emergency. 


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