Helping Seniors Avoid Forgetting Their Phones

The reason you got your dad a cell phone is so he can easily contact you or help services if he finds himself in an emergency. However, no matter how sophisticated the phone is, if dad can’t remember where he put it, or forgets to bring it on his trips, the mobile phone loses its intended purpose.

Keep in mind that the memory of seniors is no longer as sharp as it used to be. Chances are, the phone you gave your dad can get misplaced, or be mistaken for another device, like a remote control. To avoid any chances of losing in touch with dad, you need to help him develop the habit of always bringing the phone with him.

You can ask him to call you daily using the phone, and make it a point to call him every day on the same phone. This will make using the phone a part of his daily routine, and help him remember to always have the phone handy. Get dad a plan that features unlimited calls and texts, so the daily communication won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Additionally, make sure that the ringing volume of the phone is set to high, or even maximum. In case he accidentally loses the phone and can’t find it, you can try calling the number and ask him to trace the loud sound. Fortunately, many cell phones that are dedicated to seniors are equipped with enhanced tones and sound.


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